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The music of To Setto Setto is a cypher cloud jam induced by popcorn chewing threads in obscure chat-rooms.


Cover art for Little Bug EP

Little Bug EP

Duration: 6:08

EP released

Cover art for Unmet Dependencies

Unmet Dependencies

Duration: 8:55

EP released

Cover art for Live with hardware

Live with hardware

Duration: 11:23

Mixtape released

Cover art for Granny is a cyborg now

Cyber Grany

Duration: 6:41

EP released

Cover art for Darkweb


Duration: 18:52

EP released

Cover art for Satoshi Mon Ami

Satoshi mon ami

Duration: 8:10

EP released

Social Media Distancing

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We see each other less, but when we do it's on the same screen we work on.

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Make a bold move or die trying

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Being Underground is a dirty job, but someone has to do it! Tell your idols they need to find some courage! Fuck the Haters (yeah you D.Ek!)

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Pignu got Chopped & Screwed by KodTreatment

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