Grand'ma Is A Cyborg Now

Acid Trap by 徒 setto セット

From the 2020 release "Cyber Grany"



Got a friend request from my grandma
But she spelled her name with an O
Felt like it came from Futurama
but I know my OP-sec yo!

Background check just didn't add up
Family tree is kind of messy
So I called her up
She loled out loud and said: hey sweetie!

Why is it that you never call me?
Good thing I went through the zuck
Although I think it's kind of shitty
I simply had to try my luck

Do I know what it does to democracy?
How come we have to be registered?
How can this promote any liberty?
If all we do in it is monitored?

So many questions and all valid,
She checked all my OP-sec control
94 years old and vivid
Holding strong her grandma role.

She said next time we go for a stroll
I'll get to see her augmentation:
A 2kg aluminum walker-roll
A marvelous invention!

Grandma got the SSH keys (Insutrmental)


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Grand'ma Is A Cyborg Now