Collection of music releases published by 徒 setto セット over the years.

Unmet Dependencies

2:nd of August 2020

Proprietary tools, consultancies, remote labor... The reality in the digital industry is as hard to cope with as it is building software in Haskell. Freedom is luxury, but also a burden. Open your mind, open the source!


Live with hardware

19:th of April 2020

There is a weird meta-core to anything social exchange on internet that I can't get my finger on. Assumptions and projections that I think partially stem from the lack in body language


Granny is a cyborg now

12:th of December 2019

Jazzy Cybersoul with a hint of 303 baselines.



7:th of February 2019

As dystopian as the present might seem on-line, there is always room for the strange in the cypher...


Satoshi Mon Ami

17:th of December 2018

The 2 tracks of laid back cloud rap are tales of daily digital life-struggles. When day-to-day communication blurs the line between the virtual and real.


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